Hi, I'm Emma!

Creativity has always been a big thing for me. I’ve worked in marketing for most of my professional life but at home, I consider myself a lifelong DIY-er. At work, I love branding and tinkering with design and at home I love any hobby that makes my house cozy, like interior design or baking (Trust me, I have a grrrreat cheesecake recipe).

How could I combine all of this? Although candle making isn’t exactly cheesecake, I started out experimenting with candles in my kitchen, then I found myself sketching out branding ideas. With burnt fingers and my kitchen covered in wax, it clicked for me that this is it! Welcome to my side hustle! 

Born and raised in beautiful, quiet Canada, I’ve lived in Belgium for 7 years. En ja, ik spreek nederlands! I’m a mom of two sweethearts, wife of a wonderful supportive husband and yes, I am a fisherman’s daughter!


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Natural Soy Candles

Fisherman's Daughter Soya Kaarsen Kaars Soy Candle

Fisherman’s Daughter candles are 100% natural soy candles. Free of yucky chemicals that are in the majority of candles on the market, the wax I use is a renewable resource produced in the EU and is not tested on animals.

Locally Hand-poured

Soya Kaarsen Soy Candles Fisherman's Daughter Oostende Ostend

In small batches, I pour these candles solo! Aside from getting hot wax everywhere, I've been working hard to curate scents that I hope will brighten your home.

Live Slower

Fisherman's Daughter Canada Soya Kaars Kaarsen Soy Candles

In Canada, we tend to live slower than Belgians. We take our time, don't like to rush and value quality time. When you light a Fisherman's Daughter candle, I want to bring the chill vibes of Canada to your home!

The Fisherman

Fisherman's Daughter Soy Candles Soya Kaarsen Kaars

That's my pa. He's an entrepreneur and he is so smart, I swear he knows everything! This is my way of taking what I learned from him for something I'm passionate about. And all the creativity? that comes straight from my wonderful mama.